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Imagine yourself lying in bed. It’s morning. The birds are chirping outside and the first rays of sunshine are starting to stream through your windows. Your eyes slowly start to flutter awake. Your sense of consciousness quickly comes into focus. You easily sit up, no pains, no sore necks, no grubby eyes. You feel rested and in a good mood. You sit on the edge of the bed, give your arms and legs a good stretch to get the blood flowing, and set off to get your morning started. You have a nice, calm energy, and feel ready to take on the busy day ahead. You go into the kitchen for breakfast and don’t feel that hungry so you just have a nice cup of coffee. Your kids aren’t listening when you are trying to get them dressed for the day, but you’re able to get them on the right track with a few gentle reminders. You were up in time to make the kids a healthy breakfast. You get to work and overhear your coworker saying something snarky about you. “Whatever” you think to yourself before moving on. At lunch you are hungry, but since you feel so light and airy today, you settle on a big, fresh salad because you know you won’t feel guilty after eating it. Your afternoon seems to fly by once you get focused on that new project you’re working on. All of the sudden it’s time to clock out and go home. You stop at the grocery store on the way home and instead of loading the cart with sweets, crisps, sodas and junk, you pick up some fresh vegetables, a nice-looking cut of meat and some colorful and juicy fruit. You get home and have a nice evening with the kids doing their homework while you prepare a fresh and easy meal for your family. After dinner and a cozy evening, the kids are yawning, and you help them up to bed. You and your spouse get an hour or two to relax or get a few things done around the house before your eyes start to get heavy. You want to get a good night’s sleep again, so you head to bed, and a few minutes after laying down, you are asleep. You are a superhuman. You kicked the ass out of life today. You are the best mom/dad/wife/husband/kid/friend/other in the world. Look at you go.

            Do you ever have those days? When you just wake up in a good mood, your body feels fresh and light, no aches and pains, no tired eyes, no hitting the alarm clock a dozen times. Your entire day just seems to go as planned? Nothing really stresses you out. Those are the best days.

Now imagine this scenario.

            You’re lying in bed. You’re in a deep sleep and the alarm starts going off. You jump at the sound, while simultaneously trying to hit the snooze button. On accident you hit the dismiss button, and now you’ve overslept. You get up in a panic. You’re still exhausted and hazy and now find yourself in a panicked rush. Your kids aren’t listening, and you find yourself screaming loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear. Your spouse didn’t unload the dishwasher and you are filled with rage. You pour the kids some cereal and stuff a piece of toast and jam in your own mouth before yelling at everyone to get their shoes on and get in the car. You get to work and, could you be imagining it or did your boss just give you a weird look? Oh god, you’re going to be fired. You sit at your desk worrying about it for the next three hours, while getting absolutely nothing done. Lunchtime comes, and you just want some comfort food. You go through the drive through and get a huge cheeseburger, some fries and a big caffeinated soda. You’re back at work and the boss seems fine now, all worried for nothing. However, the 2 o’clock sleepies set in. You can hardly keep your eyes open. Okay, let’s go get a caramel latte to try to stay awake here or you really will be in trouble. After an afternoon that stretched on forever, you finally get to leave and go home. You are getting a little energy back, but you just really can’t be bothered with cooking tonight. Not after that long day. You’re just wrecked. You pick the kids up and they are moaning and whining, one seems to just be twirping in the backseat for some reason. What is wrong with these children? Omg, your head is going to explode. You get home, no groceries, and straight online to order a few pizzas. The cinnamon pizza for desert would be nice as well. Okay, lets get that too. Once the pizza is done and eaten you need to get the kids homework finished. The kids are at the table struggling to get homework done. Why can’t they just sit and focus? After a painfully long hour of nagging them to finish their papers, you trudge upstairs to get everyone ready for bedtime. All of the sudden everyone seems to have spurts of energy. They’re running all around. You seem to have gotten a second wind, so you harness this power to get everyone into bed and doors closed. You finally get to the couch. You should go to bed, but you’re wide awake now. You can hear children moving around overhead, but you just can’t be bothered to go up and handle it. It’s midnight and you’re still wide awake, even though you know you have to be up in six hours. You decide to go lay in bed, where you spend an hour looking at your phone before finally dozing off. Then the alarm starts again….

            Wouldn’t it be great to have the first type of day, each and every day? Wake up and have the energy so that you can deal with life’s challenges full of strength and not constantly trying to just make it through. A life without energy, is a life unfulfilled. A life without energy, is a life full of missed opportunities. A life without energy, is a life of unproductiveness.

A life without energy is a life of unhappiness.

            Why does it seem that so many of us struggle with having the right energy to make it through the day? Is it the overburdened schedules, lack of sleep, or our overwhelmed mental facilities? Yes, those issues probably all contribute to our lack of energy. However, some people seem to be able to manage the same obligations, with the same hours in the day, and the same struggles in life with ease. What’s their secret? Is life easier for those with unlimited amounts of energy stores? Undoubtedly so.

            In this book, we tackle the biggest reason for the lack of energy in modern times, and that is our diet; what we eat. We have gone from eating a diet exclusively made up of real food (meats, seeds, nuts, fruit, and veg) to eating a diet mainly consisting of fake food (sugary, processed and refined carbohydrates, Ie: food substitutes). We all know that we need to eat healthier, stop eating so much sugar, stop eating fast food, and frozen meals, and yet, we can’t. We are addicted to this fake food. I’m an engineer by trade, not a doctor and I’m writing this book as an engineer, somebody who figures out how to make systems function. What steps can we take to design a healthy lifestyle when there is so much resistance. I wanted to design a program that would let us go from eating addictive, energy sucking Fake Food to eating all Real food in a few simple steps. There are many proponents and naysayers for a bevy of diets. Some think the Keto Diet, where you eat loads of healthy fats, is the best. Some think a Vegan diet, where you eat nothing but plants is the best. I don’t know if there is a right answer to that debate, but I do know that if you can eat Real Food, all the time, without Fake Food mixed in, you are going to be bursting with energy, and way out ahead of the pack. Afterwards, you can fine tune what real foods work best for your body, but until you break your addiction to the Fake Food, you are not able to decide which type of diet works best for you. So, this book, will take you through the baby steps to make the switch, and make it as easy as possible. We use psychological tricks, biohacks, and self training techniques to make sure that once we hack, we never go back. So, let’s get started.

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